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Roobee is an international financial technology company providing an AI-powered blockchain investment service. It is considered to be the first blockchain investment service developed for non-professional and private investors. The service enables its users to invest in loans, IPOs, venture capital, stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs and other options


Roobee was founded in 2017 by Co-founder Artem Popov. August 2, 2018, during the pre-seed funding round, an anonymous investor, labeled by Bloomberg as 200M_trader invested $4.5m into Roobee. During the testing period Roobee had been used by over 5,000 people to invest an excess of US$15 million in Ethereum (ETH) into funds, venture, and blockchain projects. In May 2019, Roobee conducted the first IEO on Bitforeх exchange and collected more than 100 BTC. Further, Roobee raised 300 BTC on second IEO on EXMO exchange in July 2019.

Following the roadmap, Roobee plans to release public beta version of the platform in third quarter of 2019.


Artem Popov - Co-founder

Amine Berraoui - CEO

Oleg Gaidukov - CTO

Dan Kaizer - Head of Blockchain R&D

Vladi Siganěvič - СМО